20 Oct 2021

BMS ep. 217: Bob Murphy Critiques MMT TED Talk

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Here you go.

06 Oct 2021


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In my latest episode I summarize some of the key points from my new pamphlet on Texas independence.

30 Sep 2021

My Appearance on Tim Pool’s Show

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27 Sep 2021

COMMON SENSE: The Case for an Independent Texas

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I just released this

19 Sep 2021

Bob Murphy Show Ep. 214: Explaining Libertarianism to Christians

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Doug Stuart and Dick Clark of the Libertarian Christian Institute discuss their (relatively) new book. Audio here, video below:

13 Sep 2021

Murphy Twin Spin

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==> I was recently on David Gornoski’s show, talking about the state of the USA.

==> I respond to Krugman claiming the pandemic was an Austrian shock.

02 Sep 2021

My Appearance on the Jordan Peterson Podcast

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We talk Mises for 2 and 1/2 hours.

25 Aug 2021

Murphy Twin Spin

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==> I critique the “climate plans” of the 4 major Canadian federal parties.

==> BMS ep 212: The Nixon Shock Was Only the Final Nail in the Coffin of the Gold Dollar.