01 Feb 2021

Woods & Malice Animated Series

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Here’s the first episode of their new collaboration:

01 Feb 2021

“Fake Woke” video

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Preach it brother:

29 Jan 2021

BMS ep 176: A Framework for Big Tech Censorship

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I don’t give a solution, but hopefully I show what it would look like.

29 Jan 2021

BMS ep 177: Glenn Jacobs on Wrestling, Austrian Economics, and Political Office

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A short but fun one. Audio here, video below:

22 Jan 2021

Murphy Twin Spin

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I recently was a guest on Scott Horton’s show (talking about the Fed and lockdowns) and also The Great Exchange talking about MMT.

22 Jan 2021

BMS ep 175: David Andolfatto Defends the Fed

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Audio here, video below:

21 Jan 2021

Contest Winners

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For the ADVENTURES IN PACIFISM: Louis CK Edition contest, here are the winners:

The ADVENTURES IN PACIFISM: Louis CK edition winners are:

1st. Brian D. ($100)
2nd. Trevor ($50)
3rd. Adam B. ($25)


ADDED: Oops, I forgot that unless you’re the Admin, you might not know which answers won. They were B, A, and K (in that order) from this list.

Also, I didn’t place! My answer was J.

14 Jan 2021

BMS ep. 174: Double Standards on the Capitol Storming, and Explaining the Viking Guy

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Ooh a fun one, here.