14 Nov 2020

BMS ep 162: Bob’s Rant About NPR and Dispelling of 1 Particular Voter Fraud Argument

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I only did audio for this one…

07 Nov 2020

BMS ep 161: Steve Landsburg and I Debate Why the Universe Exists

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This was a fun one. Audio here, video below:

03 Nov 2020

BMS ep. 160: Jeff Deist on the Character and Contributions of Henry Hazlitt

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Audio here, video below:

02 Nov 2020

Bob Murphy Twin Spin

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==> Here’s my article on Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem, in time for Election Day…

==> In ep. 159 of the Bob Murphy Show, I discuss left vs. right and libertarianism with Greg Gordon. Audio here, video below:

28 Oct 2020

BMS ep 158: A Geometric Analogy to Reconcile Paul and James on Faith vs Works

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Audio here.

28 Oct 2020

BMS ep 157: Peter Schiff on the Coming Crash, Ancap vs Minarchy, and Going ExPat

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Audio here, video below:

21 Oct 2020

BMS ep. 156: Econtradictions

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I’m starting a new series where I tackle real or apparent contradictions in economic arguments. This first one deals with free trade vs. welfare state, and price gouging defense vs. interpersonal utility comparisons.

20 Oct 2020

BMS ep. 155: Chris Coyne on How US Militarism Abroad Leads to Tyranny at Home

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Audio here, video below: