07 Jan 2020

BMS ep. 91: Bryan Caplan on Open Borders and His Critique of Austrian Economics

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03 Jan 2020

Should We Trust the Climate Models? Part 2 of 3

Climate Change 24 Comments

Available here.

02 Jan 2020

BMS ep. 90: Trump’s Ukraine Call Was Small Potatoes

Bob Murphy Show, Trump 23 Comments

I make the case

01 Jan 2020

Murphy Twin Spin at Mises Wire

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I may have already posted these… At Mises.org I recently had a post on Robert Reich and billionaires, and another on managed trade agreements.

30 Dec 2019

Bob Murphy Show Ep. 89: David Gordon on Hayek and Rothbard, and Libertarianism as an Alleged Suicide Pact

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This was a fun one

30 Dec 2019

Soho Forum Debate on Abortion

Culture Wars 5 Comments

This was the best presentation I’ve seen Walter Block give for his “evictionism” stance. I only watched the two opening statements. Is Block saying that if the fetus is non-viable then removal should be illegal? It wasn’t obvious to me what his view was on that (currently extremely important) point.

26 Dec 2019

Ironic Argument From Jonah Goldberg

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I guess Jonah is at least consistent when it comes to impeachment. He is deploying the standard right-winger defense of the judicial system: “If the cops arrest you, you must have done something.”

In any event, I agree that it’s in poor taste for Republicans to bring up the trial of Jesus when talking about impeachment–though strictly speaking, they weren’t saying, “Trump is as/more innocent than Jesus”–but this is actually ironic when Jonah argues: “Similarly, Trump’s total refusal to cooperate with an impeachment investigation may or may not be an impeachable offense. But if he were as innocent as Jesus, he wouldn’t be behaving as if he has something to hide.”

Does anyone else familiar with the gospel accounts find that ironic, or am I predisposed to quibble with Jonah Goldberg?

24 Dec 2019

Mises vs. God

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I love Mises, but it doesn’t look good.