09 Mar 2022

The First Human Action Podcast With Bob as Co-Host

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18 Feb 2022

Catch-up On Bob Murphy Show

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Sorry for the delay, here are the latest episodes with the videos posted (where applicable):

Episode 221: Biden Paid Leave Will Hurt Women, and Morpheus Gives Bad Moral Advice

Episode 222: Kris Borer’s Fun Book on AnCap Ethics

Episode 223: Climate Scientist David Legates Gives a Contrarian View

Episode 224: Patrick Newman on Cronyism in Early US History

Episode 225: Buck Johnson Interviews Bob Murphy on the Case for an Independent Texas

Episode 226: Bob Murphy vs. Joe Weisenthal on Currency Debasement

Episode 227: Behind Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum, and the Great Reset, Part 1

Episode 228: Klaus Schwab Part 2

Episode 229: Bob Murphy Admits Steve Patterson Was Right About the Problems with Infinity

Episode 230: Bob Murphy vs. Dave Smith on the Johns Hopkins lockdown study

08 Dec 2021

Debating Jon Schwarz on Whether Inflation Is Good for the Average Worker

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Scott Horton moderates. JS says yes, I say no.

08 Dec 2021

Arguing Time Travel With Joe Weisenthal

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Actually we’re really talking about currency debasement. Here’s the article at mises.org, and below is an excerpt:

Joe Weisenthal is an editor and host at Bloomberg who has recently been using his large Twitter platform to cast stones at the inflation hawks. In one recent thread, Weisenthal mocked the people worried about the falling purchasing power of the US dollar, and claimed in fact that it would be immoral for currency to maintain its value over time.

As we’ll see, although Weisenthal’s thought experiment of a time traveler is a bit whimsical, it provides a good opportunity for us to explore the underlying economics. The whole episode underscores, once again, why the Austrian school provides the public with a beacon of light amid the confusion of our financial punditry.

10 Nov 2021

Buck Johnson Interviews Murphy on Texas Independence

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Video here:

03 Nov 2021

BMS ep. 220: Ian Crossland on L.A. Acting, Helping Others, and Avoiding Group-Think

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Audio here, video below:

23 Oct 2021

BMS ep. 219: David Gornoski on His YouTube Removal, and Today’s Scapegoats

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Audio here, video below:

20 Oct 2021

BMS ep. 218: Kerry Baldwin Uses Property Rights for the Abortion Debate

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Audio here, video below: