30 Aug 2020

BMS ep. 142: Explaining John Nash’s Dissertation

Bob Murphy Show, Game Theory 17 Comments

I don’t mean to shock you but Ron Howard / Russell Crowe got it wrong.

28 Aug 2020

Bob Murphy Show ep. 141: Dan Sanchez on How to Make Superman Movies Great Again

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Audio here, video below:

24 Aug 2020

Bob Talks Austrian Economics on “Real Vision”

Austrian School 1 Comment

This interviewer was very informed.

24 Aug 2020

Tom and Bob Take Over the Austrian Central Bank

Banking No Comments

This video recently came to light…

22 Aug 2020


Gold, Great Depression, Potpourri 34 Comments

==> BMS ep. 140, in which I do some highlights of my latest chapter on the theory and history of the gold standard in the U.S.

==> Barry Eichengreen as Austrian?!

==> A negative review of my review of Stephanie Kelton’s new MMT book.

==> Check out the new Call of Duty trailer!

20 Aug 2020

BMS ep. 139: George Reisman on Studying With Mises, Meeting Ayn Rand, and His Contributions to Economics

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Audio here.

15 Aug 2020

A Brief History of the Gold Standard, with a Focus on the U.S.

Gold, Money No Comments

My latest installment for the Mises Institute book on Understanding Money Mechanics. I actually had to do a bunch of research for this one. I learned a lot–maybe you will too!

13 Aug 2020

BMS ep. 138: Why the Left Hates Christianity

Bob Murphy Show, Religious 28 Comments

Perhaps more provocative than you’re used to, coming from the friendly neighborhood economist.