02 Sep 2021

My Appearance on the Jordan Peterson Podcast

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We talk Mises for 2 and 1/2 hours.

25 Aug 2021

Murphy Twin Spin

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==> I critique the “climate plans” of the 4 major Canadian federal parties.

==> BMS ep 212: The Nixon Shock Was Only the Final Nail in the Coffin of the Gold Dollar.

07 Aug 2021

Murphy Article on Trudeau’s Payout to Big Steel

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The flaws with Canada’s federal carbon tax…

07 Aug 2021

Bob Murphy Show catch-up

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Yikes, here are the latest episodes:

BMS ep. 208: Per Bylund on the Importance of the Austrian School

ep. 209: Bob Murphy Critiques Curtis Yarvin’s Explanation of Inflation

ep. 210: M. Night Shyamalan Is Giving You Permission to Be a Superhero

ep. 211: Bob Murphy Explodes Popular Myths About Money

07 Aug 2021

Bob Murphy Does Impression of Optimus Prime

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Arguably the best part of Bob Murphy Show ep. 210.

20 Jul 2021

Per Bylund on the Importance of the Austrian School

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Audio here, video below:

02 Jul 2021

Catching up on the Podcast: Murphy Quintuple Play

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Bob Murphy Show episodes:

203 on “What Did Bob Learn?” Part 2 of 3

204 on Scott Sumner arguing the Fed was too tight in 2008.

205 on Matt McCaffrey on entrepreneurship and Chinese military history.

206 on “What Did Bob Learn?” Part 3 of 3


207 on “They Said What?!” John Lennon edition.

30 Jun 2021

Beyond the Fed: Shadow Banking and the Global Market for Dollars

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The final chapter from my book for Mises…