Curriculum Vitae
Robert P. Murphy

Senior Fellow
Mises Institute


Ph.D. Economics, New York University, Spring 2003
B.A. Economics, Hillsdale College, Magna Cum Laude, 1998


Senior Fellow, Mises Institute, October 2017 –.

Research Assistant Professor, Free Market Institute at Texas Tech, August 2015 – June 2019.

Senior Economist, Institute for Energy Research, May 2007 – April 2010, September 2010 – March 2020.

Senior Fellow, Fraser Institute, July 2013 –.

Research Fellow, Independent Institute, August 2012 –.

Senior Fellow, Bus. & Econ. Studies, Pacific Research Institute, Sept. 2007 – August 2011.

Research Analyst, Laffer Associates, September 2006 – June 2007.

Visiting Scholar, New York University, June 2006 – August 2006.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics, Hillsdale College, August 2003 – May 2006.


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Murphy, Robert P. “Physical Capital and Financial Capital Are Different Things, and Why It Matters.” (Presented at the 2018 APEE meeting.)

Murphy, Robert P. “Inequality and the Gold Standard.”

Murphy, Robert P. and Michael Makovi. “How the Solow Model Misleads Economists in Cross-Country Comparisons.”

Murphy, Robert P. and Ryan Griggs. “Americans’ Choice of Assets Over Time.”

Murphy, Robert P. “Why Does An Inverted Yield Curve ‘Predict’ a Recession? Hayek vs. Harvey.” (To be presented at the 2018 SDAE meeting.)

Murphy, Robert P. “Secular Growth and ‘Real Liquidity’: Bridging Garrison and Salerno.”

Murphy, Robert P. and Gonzalo Macera. “Pitfalls in the ‘New’ Minimum Wage Literature: A Simulation Approach.” (Presented at 2016 SEA meeting.)

Murphy, Robert P. “A General Equilibrium Illustration of the ‘Tax Interaction Effect’ with a Carbon Tax.” (Presented at 2016 SEA meeting.)


Murphy, Robert P. and Doug McDuff, M.D. (2015). The Primal Prescription: Surviving the “Sick Care” Sinkhole. Primal Publishing, September 2015.

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Murphy, Robert P. (2015) “New Study on ‘Unburnable’ Energy Belies Carbon Tax Rhetoric.” IER post, January 9, 2015.

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Murphy, Robert P. (2014) “Australians Repeal Carbon Tax and CASE for Carbon Tax.” IER post, July 17, 2014.

Murphy, Robert P. (2014) “Power Plant Rule Fails Administration’s Own Cost/Benefit Test.” IER post, June 2, 2014.

Murphy, Robert P. (2014) “Are Climate Change Mitigation Policies a Form of Insurance?” IER post, April 17, 2014.

…plus 170+ articles at


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