12 Dec 2018


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==> On episode 8 of the Bob Murphy Show I interview David R. Henderson. Among other topics, we discuss his time on the Council of Economic Advisors where he rubbed shoulders with Krugman.

==> On episode 167 of Contra Krugman we call an audible and cover “hard topics” in libertarianism, such as terrorism and medical quarantines.

==> In the recently released Lara-Murphy Report, we interview Steve Landsburg. Note that we ask Steve to discuss some topics that didn’t come up in my podcast interview with him.

10 Dec 2018

I Feel Like I’m Taking Crazy Pills

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Do any of you notice that my blog looks different? Specifically, does it seem that a lot of the borders have disappeared? (Maybe I’ve been hacked by Bryan Caplan?) My web guy recently did an upgrade, and so I thought that was it. But when I go to the Wayback Machine to try to show him what (I thought) it looked like before, it is also Open Borders Blog. Any thoughts?

10 Dec 2018

Murphy Twin Spin on Economics of Climate Change

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I have two new interviews out, both on the economics of climate change.

==> The first is with Jeff Deist (president of the Mises Institute).

==> The second is with Josiah Neeley and Doug McCullough, at least one of whom supports carbon taxes.

05 Dec 2018

BMS Ep. 7: Godel Made Easy

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My latest episode is the podcast equivalent of the narrator/Tyler Durden telling the guys to get off the porch because they’ll never be in Fight Club. This is surely way too hard for you. You can’t understand mind-blowing math at this level of amazingness. Don’t even try.

01 Dec 2018

Murphy Twin Spin

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At IER. I let loose on these, don’t miss them.

==> The climate interventionists won’t stop with a carbon tax. How do I know? Because I read what they write and believe them when they say they won’t stop with a carbon tax.

==> The National Climate Assessment allows the media to mislead Americans on cost/benefits of climate change policy.

28 Nov 2018

BMS Ep. 6: Steve Landsburg on Learning Economics From Friedman and Stigler

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Oh this is another good one, folks. Steve talks about grad school at Chicago. Beyond economics, we also talk about the time he was picketed by campus feminists.

27 Nov 2018

You’re Gonna Have to Serve Somebody

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From the Contra Cruise 2018. The audio is just from a camera set up in front of the stage but it gets the job done…

27 Nov 2018

Why Is the Stock Market So Shaky?

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The latest Lara-Murphy Show episode.