22 Nov 2022

Receipts for BMS Ep 254: Kark Marx Was Kind of a Big Deal

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Here is the link to my podcast critique of Phil Magness’ promotion of his paper, co-authored with Michael Makovi, on Karl Marx. In this episode I allude to many things, some of which I document below, so listeners can see I’m not putting words in anyone’s keyboard.

02 Jun 2022

My Talk at Orlando

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08 Apr 2022

New Episodes of BMS and LMS

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Bob Murphy Show ep. 235 is my Part 5 on Klaus Schwab.

Ep. 82 of the Lara-Murphy Show features a revisitation of our “How to Weather the Coming Financial Storms” presentation.

And here’s a short video I made for a college panel on Austrian economics:

21 Mar 2022

Jeff and Bob Discuss Economic Ignorance

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17 Mar 2022

BMS eps 232 and 233

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Episode 232 and 233 continue my series on Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset.

14 Mar 2022

Jeff Deist and I Talk Oil Prices

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09 Mar 2022

BMS ep. 231 Thad Russell Repeatedly Lied to Michael Malice

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Oops I missed this one.

09 Mar 2022

BMS ep. 232: Behind Klaus Schwab, Part 3

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Some juicy audio clips in the beginning of this one