27 Sep 2021

COMMON SENSE: The Case for an Independent Texas

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I just released this

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  1. Linda Capuano says:

    Just heard about this document on a Republic of Texas meeting. Would love to read it as we are writing a new Declaration of Independence

    • James says:

      Click the “released this” hyperlink and you’ll get the pdf

  2. Transformer says:


    When Texas decides to follow your advice I will definitely move there. FWIW: I subscribe to all the views you suggest are “left wing progressive” and some of those you suggest as “right-wing conservative”. Should I hate myself ?

  3. skylien says:

    Nice Podcast on Tim Pool!

  4. Paul says:

    It would be nice if you released this also in formats for reading on small screens, such as a blog post, epub, mobi, etc., plus audio.

  5. GoneAnon says:

    Is this intended to be anonymous? I don’t see your name anywhere on it…

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