26 Mar 2010

Suggestion Box

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We’re tying up some loose ends on the blog revamp. If you notice anything off, or have a suggestion, please say so in the comments, thanks.

14 Responses to “Suggestion Box”

  1. Greg Ransom says:

    Mobile wasn’t working on my Iphone.

  2. Daniel Mitchell says:

    The Boettke link is broken and the Sumner link points to the old url.

  3. Ash Navabi says:

    While I know nothing about design, may I suggest moving the comments button to the bottom of a post, and moving the info column to the right-hand side?

  4. bobmurphy says:

    For sure we are dealing with the URL mismatch. The comments may be gone forever, but if so the fault is with Blogger. (Not worth explaining but the lost comments–if we can’t get them back–really are because of Blogger.)

  5. bobmurphy says:

    Daniel thanks. Greg I have no idea but my guy may be able to fix it. Ash I actually think I like the current setup, at least for now. Maybe I will get sick of it in a month.

  6. English Bob says:

    The RSS XML doesn’t have the correct URL for the blog in the first “link” element. The consequence of that is that when I click on “Free Advice” in my RSS reader, I get taken to consultingbyrpm.com instead of consultingbyrpm.com/blog.

    Similarly, once at the blog, when I click the “Free Advice” graphic at the top of the blog, I get taken to the main site, not the blog. If you’re thinking that’s an odd complaint, since I’m already at the blog, remember that I might be at the URL of an individual blog entry and wanting to go to the main blog.

    • thewebguy says:

      That has been fixed. Thanks for pointing it out, though initially it was on purpose, since in the navigation bar (the same one that is on the home page) has the same link. Bob wanted the logo the same on the blog page, so it could possibly be confusing.

  7. Bob Murphy says:

    Yes English Bob I had noticed that too but forgot. Thanks.

    • English Bob says:

      The URL in the HTML is now fixed; the URL in the RSS XML is not.

      Go to http://consultingbyrpm.com/feed and view source. You’ll see the first link element is wrong.

      • the web guy says:

        (I’m the web guy.) We are working on a solution for the RSS feed. I’m curious why this is an issue, since all of the individual posts work just fine.

        Just a note, the old site had a directory called “blog” whereas the entire site is in a blog structure now. Hence why it redirects back to the home page rather than the blog page. It sounds like an easy link to change, but WordPress software is more complex than just adding a different URL. We’re looking into workarounds, though.

        • English Bob says:

          I’m curious why this is an issue, since all of the individual posts work just fine.

          Because sometimes I see a ton of posts in Google Reader and I decide I may as well click “Mark all as read” and go directly to the blog.

          • thewebguy says:

            Okay, I gotcha. I use Google reader, too, so I can understand that. I’m looking into a solution… thanks for the heads up.

  8. Ash Navabi says:

    Fair enough Bob. But one more thing: the mobile version of your blog isn’t working. That is, to read your blog from my iPod, I have to turn off the mobile site, as none of your blog posts show up.