31 Dec 2009

Memorable Free Advice Posts from 2009

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I was going to do a Top Ten but that would take too long. Browsing the archives, here are some that jumped out at me (asterisks mean I think it’s a double plus good post):

Marianne Sierk Standup

Obama Nominates a Socialist

Coining a New Term for the Coming Economic Disaster

Of Flat Taxes and Idols

Tyler Cowen, a Sensible Central Planner

Did Deflation Cause the Great Depression?

Casey Mulligan: “Wow, I Was Only Wrong by 72% to 575%”

The Merciful God of the “Old Testament”

Not So Silent Cal

The Stock Market in 1929 Was Undervalued?!

Obama Will Be Re-elected

** Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen? Part 28 **

Ben Stein Suspicious of Those Untrained in the Ways of High Finance

Comrade Obama to Make Bank Nationalization Official

Scott Sumner Restores My Faith in Economists [SIC!!!]

TARP, a Criminal Enterprise

Toward a Review of Tom Woods’ Meltdown

Robert Wenzel: I Love the Way This Guy Thinks

The Peace That Passeth All Understanding

Star Trek: Get Me to Sickbay, I’m Gonna Puke

How Am I Like Jenny McCarthy?

Awkward Thoughts on Memorial Day

Krugman vs. Murphy on Inflation: Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves

Do Non-Believers Burn in Hell?

** JFK: Courage Under Fire? **

An Unexpected Invitation from the LORD

Wenzel vs. Murphy: the Grand Finale

Invasion of the Purchasing Power Snatchers

** The Big Picture **

Believing is Seeing, Economic History Edition

Hillary Clinton, Pod Person?

Ezra Klein Apparently Doesn’t Think Immigrants Are Part of the Universe

** My Solution to the Mind-Body Problem, and the Reconciliation of God’s Sovereignty With Free Will **

** The Coming Marijuana Legalization **

** A Review of Jon Sciescka’s Smash! Crash! **

The “Efficient Markets Hypothesis” Is a Mental Crutch for Economists

Has Andrew Sullivan Disavowed Barack Obama, Like He Promised?

The Innumerate Billy Ocean

Kroger Receipt from August 27, 2009

More Free Market Evangelism From Larry Kudlow

That Settles It, Glenn Beck Cannot Be Trusted

** My Response to John Cochrane **

God the Father

** How to Predict the Coming Bank Pay Regulation **

** “My God, It’s Full of Stars!” **

Arnold Kling’s Bizarre Monetary Theory

Crimes vs. Sins: Letterman’s Blackmailer

** Why Military Spending Didn’t Get Us Out of the Great Depression **

Scott Sumner’s Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

A Little Stimulus Arithmetic

** Thoughts on Libertarians and Immigration **

Did Krugman Get the Inflation Go-Code at the G30 Meetings?

I Told You Guys That Krugman Was Misleading the Children

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