27 Aug 2009

Kroger Receipt From August 27, 2009

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For some time now I’ve been meaning to document the prices I paid at the grocery store for some staple items. (At least, they’re staples in our house because of our son.) For the record:

* Half-gallon of Silk “Very Vanilla” soy milk, $3.49 on sale for $2.99.

* 32 oz. of Stonyfield’s “Banilla” (sic) yogurt, $6.79. (I had no idea that’s how much those things cost!! They stock them on the bottom of the dairy case, so I’ve never bent down far enough to read the price tag. I think it’s time to introduce the boy to the joys of Saltine crackers.)

* 12 oz. bag of Dole “American” salad, $3.29 on sale for $2.50.

I’m watching you, Ben.

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