26 Jun 2009

JFK: Courage Under Fire?

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This just occurred to me: I think the most plausible explanation for JFK’s demise is that people who controlled the government took him out. In other words, I think it is crazy to assume that (a) the mob or the Cubans could sneak past the Secret Service and (b) that these same mobsters or Cubans *could then convince the rest of the government to cover up their crime*. Maybe (a) is possible, but no way is (b) possible.

OK, so that means JFK was, in a sense, a prisoner of the presidency. In fact, he had the most bugged and monitored work place of any American. These people watched his every move; they had their guys–who were trained to kill–literally following him around 24-7. Kennedy knows he’s crossed these people and they are waiting for the right time.

Then on November 22, Kennedy realizes the motorcade is taking a decidedly unsafe route. Had he been alone, he would have seriously considered making a break for it, or blurting out the names of the key people.

But no, he just smiled and waved, because they had put his wife in the car with him.

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