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Comment of the Quarter: George Selgin

I was checking out my Mises email folder and came across this blog comment from George Selgin on a past article: Could everyone please, I mean PLEASE, stop writing FED? It isn’t an acronym, for goodness sake–it doesn’t stand for Fiat Emitting Disaster or something like that. It’s just an abbreviation of Federal. Got that? […]

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5-Year-Old to PhD Economist: Sorry!

A bit of background: I have a PhD in economics from New York University, which I believe is arguably one of the top 10 departments (in the world?), though when I was there, it was more like top-15. (BTW, I’m not being funny with that line; I really mean that NYU’s ranking went up because […]

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Daily Beast Guy Makes Great Anarchy Point to Daily Show Guy

While Tom Woods has his head buried in the Compleat Works of Thomas Jefferson, I am on the lookout for libertarian nuggets of wisdom on fake news programs on Comedy Central. In the below clip, at about the 1:54 mark, Reza Aslan (contributing editor for the Daily Beast, no apparent relation) is discussing the deteriorating […]

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