06 Apr 2010

Daily Beast Guy Makes Great Anarchy Point to Daily Show Guy

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While Tom Woods has his head buried in the Compleat Works of Thomas Jefferson, I am on the lookout for libertarian nuggets of wisdom on fake news programs on Comedy Central. In the below clip, at about the 1:54 mark, Reza Aslan (contributing editor for the Daily Beast, no apparent relation) is discussing the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan and says:

You know, this is the funny thing. There is this perception, that it’s the absence of a strong, centralized government, that is pushing people to the Taliban. If you ask the people on the ground, they’ll say, “No actually the opposite is true. It’s in those places in which there is a strong government presence that people are moving towards the Taliban–because the government is so corrupt.”

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Reza Aslan
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Incidentally, for those of you who are completely out of the loop–such that you get your news from me, as opposed to Jon Stewart–you should be aware that Our Man in Afghanistan is openly threatening to side with the Taliban.

Quick, someone call David Frum for advice! Argh, if only those fools at AEI hadn’t turned him loose! For all we know, he’s giving sage widsdom to the Taliban at this very moment! Curses!

2 Responses to “Daily Beast Guy Makes Great Anarchy Point to Daily Show Guy”

  1. LvMIenthusiast says:

    Have you seen the recently released video of American troops killing two wounded reporters and other wounded combatants (not sure if they were) in Iraq? Either way, whoever they were, it’s pretty horrifying and needs to stop. Especially how the crew was laughing as they literally mowed them down from the Apache.

  2. Doc Merlin says:

    Well, we instituted a corrupt government and said, “look democracy! YAY!” as if it was magical. We made that same mistake in Vietnam. Sigh, when will people learn.