20 Jul 2021

Per Bylund on the Importance of the Austrian School

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  1. Major_Freedom says:

    Marx’s terrifying vision of “Raw Communism”:
    “In the same way as woman is to abandon marriage for general [i.e. universal] prostitution, so the whole world of wealth, that is, the objective being of man, is to abandon the relation of exclusive marriage with the private property owner for the relation of general prostitution with the community.”
    “raw communism is not the real transcendence of private property but only the universalizing of it, not the overcoming of greed but only the generalizing of it, and not the abolition of labour but only its extension to all men. It is merely a new form in which the vileness of private property comes to the surface.”
    “In completely negating the personality of men, this type of communism is really nothing but the logical expression of private property. General envy, constituting itself as power, is the disguise in which greed re-establishes itself and satisfies itself, only in another way … In the approach to woman as the spoil and handmaid of communal lust is pressed the infinite degradation in which man exists for himself.”

    “But if this communism is admittedly so monstrous, a regime of “infinite degradation,” why should anyone favor it, much less dedicate one’s life and fight a bloody revolution to establish it? Here, as so often in Marx’s thought and writings, he falls back on the mystique of the “dialectic” — that wondrous magic word by which one social system inevitably gives rise to its victorious transcendence and negation. And, in this case, by which total evil — which interestingly enough, turns out to be the post-revolutionary dictatorship of the proletariat and not preceding capitalism — becomes transformed into total good.”

    Marx’s entire system is an axiomatic plus rules of inference system, and given Marx presented it as a ‘complete’ description of human history, it is necessarily inconsistent (logic proved by Godel).

    Marx’s demonic poetry:
    “With Satan I have struck my deal”
    “Worlds I would destroy forever, since I can create no world.”

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