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BMS Ep. 7: Godel Made Easy

My latest episode is the podcast equivalent of the narrator/Tyler Durden telling the guys to get off the porch because they’ll never be in Fight Club. This is surely way too hard for you. You can’t understand mind-blowing math at this level of amazingness. Don’t even try.

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BMS Ep. 6: Steve Landsburg on Learning Economics From Friedman and Stigler

Oh this is another good one, folks. Steve talks about grad school at Chicago. Beyond economics, we also talk about the time he was picketed by campus feminists.

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Murphy Triple Play

==> My recent LMR blog post on price inflation. ==> The Bob Murphy Show ep. 5 features Scott Horton on Waco, foreign policy, and Trump’s electoral strategy. ==> My latest IER post highlights the impact on state budgets from the new Capital Alpha carbon tax study.

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