03 May 2021

Bob Murphy Triple Play

Bob Murphy Show, Shameless Self-Promotion 3 Comments

==> Here’s my recent article for mises.org, explaining and criticizing one of the important contributions of the late Nobel laureate, Robert Mundell.

==> BMS ep. 196, in which Stephan Livera interviews me on the economics of Bitcoin. (There’s some new ground I cover in this one, if you’ve heard me talk about Bitcoin before.)

==> BMS ep. 197, in which I interview David Beckworth on the logic of NGDP targeting, and what the Fed is up to. Audio here, video below:

3 Responses to “Bob Murphy Triple Play”

  1. Jan Masek says:

    On your Mundell article : I’m not sure I understood your point. First it seemed you were going to describe Mundell’s trilemma and then show how Austrians destroyed it. But from how you described the Austrian response, it seems they agreed you indeed can’t have all three because the classical gold standard (preferred option) also only had 2 of the 3,namely free capital flow, fixed FX, no monetary policy freedom.

    • Bob Murphy says:

      If you look at what they mean by “monetary policy freedom” they mean ability of central bank to fight recessions. So in Austrian view that’s not a constraint, it prevents them from causing biz cycle.

  2. random person says:

    1960 was the year Congo gained independence, at least on paper. (Not so much in actuality, given their democratically elected leader was removed from power by the CIA and then assassinated by the Belgian version of the CIA.)

    Anyway, you mention banks needing to maintain “adequate gold reserves”, and apparently one of the ways the Belgians did that, pre-1960, was forced labor in the Belgian Congo. Jules Marchal exposes the practice in great detail in, “Forced Labor In The Gold & Copper Mines: A History Of Congo Under Belgian Rule, 1910-1945, Volume I”,

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