18 Feb 2021

BMS ep. 180: After Further Review, It’s Still Wrong to Sleep With Kids

Bob Murphy Show, Religious 4 Comments

Yep, I thought this needed to be said. I give it a year before I have to critique voluntary cannibalism to set the young libertarians straight.

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  1. random person says:

    It’s interesting that you should bring this up, since I’ve been quietly fuming lately about the problem of legalized child rape in 48 out of the 50 US states (as of 2018) by means of the marriage loophole.

    “Child brides call on U.S. states to end ‘legal rape'”
    By Ellen Wulfhorst, Thomson Reuters Foundation

    U.S. laws permit the legal rape of thousands of teenage girls every year, survivors of child marriage say, but momentum is growing to end underage marriage in more than a dozen states.

    Child marriage, more commonly associated with developing countries, was permitted in every U.S. state until this year when the Atlantic coast states of New Jersey and Delaware enacted blanket prohibitions of marriage before age 18.

    “I don’t understand how other countries comprehend that it’s wrong, but in our country somehow it’s right,” former child bride Sonora Fairbanks told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. “I think it’s literally sexual assault … It’s legal rape.”

    Child marriage survivors often say they were forced to marry against their will, particularly if they were pregnant to avoid the stigma of giving birth outside wedlock.


  2. grane peer says:

    Can’t be many years off before someone digs this up and you get canceled for it

    • random person says:

      I mean, yeah, if child rape is still legal in 48 US states (or at least, it was as of 2018), due to the marriage loophole, there must be a lot of pro child rape lunatics running around to keep it so legal. And those pro child rape lunatics probably would “cancel” someone for being against having sex with children.

      Incidentally, I was censored and blocked by a pro child rape lunatic a few weeks ago. Still pretty upset about how shamelessly pro child rape the person was.

      So, yeah, I can totally see that.

  3. sloopy says:

    Oh yeah, on a random blog, I revealed my personal experiences as a news photographer, and the hundreds of times I heard adults while on the job, openly advocating statutory rape. I was immediately vilified and smeared and the hate was immediate. I was called a “man hater” and other epithets… despite that I AM a man.

    If you point out their proclivities for sexing up teens, they will destroy you. Decent men are few and far between, and we should try to stick together. We should have each others’ backs.

    Being against statutory rape or underage sex permitted by marriage does not make one a prude or a 40-year-old virgin, either. We’re normal men with normal, legal, healthy, safe, LEGAL libidos and proclivities.

    We love sex and have it as often as we want, just NOT WITH CHILDREN.

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