10 Dec 2020

BMS ep 167: Gad Saad on Mind Viruses and SJWs

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This was a fun one. Audio here, video below:

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  1. random person says:

    Alright, so, about 48 minutes in, Gad Saad said something about children who kill their parents.

    I’ve read that approximately 90% of children who kill their parents do so only after experiencing severe abuse, and feeling that they have no way out and no one to help them, but that the media is more interested in the small percent who are what psychologist might call “dangerously antisocial”. (Also, I recall reading at least one case where evidence later came out that a child who had been portrayed as dangerously antisocial may in fact have been severely abused.)


    One case of interest is Stacey Lannert. She was raped by her father so many times that she developed pelvic inflammatory disease and is now unable to bear children. She didn’t commit the murder until she heard her father molesting her younger sister.

    www [dot] stlmag [dot] com/A-Conversation-With-Stacey-Lannert/

    Granted, if she’d been like a really super-enlightened person, she probably could have figured out a better solution, but I don’t think a child (or teenager) who’s suffered years and years of rapes at the hand of her father can reasonably be expected to be a model of enlightenment.

    Paul Mones, an attorney to defends children who commit parricide, has argued that those who allow the abuse to happen share responsibility for the parricides.

    “I think there’s more than one finger on the trigger,” Mones said. “What about the relatives who heard the screams and did nothing? What about the teacher who saw the bruises and did nothing?”

    www [dot] chicagotribune [dot] com/news/ct-xpm-1993-06-17-9306170191-story.html

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