24 Sep 2020

BMS ep. 147: Richard Ebeling Fills in the History of the Austrian School

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Audio here, video below:

2 Responses to “BMS ep. 147: Richard Ebeling Fills in the History of the Austrian School”

  1. guest says:

    I’ve got about 10 minutes left on this episode, and it’s great.

    If you were looking for a brief history for beginners, this is not that video (the title alludes as much), but one could file away this information for later.

    Anyway, I just saw this:

    Ron Paul Appears To Suffer Medical Emergency During Live Show

    I hope he pulls through.

    Oh, Captain, my Captain!

    Ron Paul Predicted 9/11 a Decade Ago!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ron Paul’s 2002 Predictions All Come True – Incredible Video!

    Ron Paul predicted the 1987 Recession in 1983

    Herman Cain vs. Ron Paul On Predicting The Economic Collapse.mp4

    Classic Ron Paul – 1988 Campaign Interview (part 1)
    (Part 1 of 2, so watch both)

    Ron Paul on Immigration, Communism, and Drugs (1988)

    The Last Nail – Floor Speech May 25 2011

  2. Harold says:

    “Ron Paul Predicted 9/11 a Decade Ago!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Hey, I “predicted” it in 2010!

    He did not really predict it. He was not alone in saying that action against Islamic countries would provoke more attacks.

    Yeah, I know it was made in 2009, just though it was a bit funny.

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