09 Jan 2020

BMS ep. 92: FBI Spying and the Gaslighting of America

Big Brother, Bob Murphy Show 6 Comments

I read the Executive Summary of the IG report, so you don’t have to.

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  1. skylien says:

    Have to listen to this podcast.

    Offtopic but since you had the issue of Trump impeachment on your blog recently: Isn’t it interesting that Trump should have been impeached because of a phone call, but bombing a foreign general in a foreign country without declaration of war is no reason for impeachment?

    • Harold says:

      It may be funny in one way, but it is absolutely understandable. If presidents were impeached for that sort of thing then they probably all would have been impeached. USA interfering in other countries has always been considered acceptable. The limits are a bit vague, but the principle is very well established. Trump could only be impeached for this if were clearly illegal. As it is they have justification from a supposed threat to the safety of the USA.

      Also Trump wasn’t impeached because of a phone call, but because the phone call provided the evidence of his abuse of power. If I write a letter confessing to murder it would not be reasonable to say that I was arrested because of a letter, but because I murdered someone.

      • skylien says:

        Trump wasn’t supposed to confess a murder, he was supposed to have asked for an investigation of a person who might have done something illegal and tying this to certain help offered by the US to the Ukraine!

        Asking for an investigation and tying this to certain offered help is impeachable. Killing a General just like that is not!

        This is not just funny in one way this is absolutely absurd!

        • Harold says:

          Hey, impeach him for that too!

          Maybe he can come up with evidence for an imminent attack on 4 US embassies. But if not, are we agreed he should be impeached for that?

  2. skylien says:

    Great Podcast!

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