10 Dec 2019

A College Student Interviews Bob About Libertarianism

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This is a short but fun interview. I get into some things that I don’t usually talk about. The context is that a college student was doing her honors’ thesis on the libertarian worldview, and was interviewing a bunch of us. I asked if we could use our conversation for the podcast.

3 Responses to “A College Student Interviews Bob About Libertarianism”

  1. David R. Henderson says:

    Excellent interview. I learned a little more about you.

  2. Khodge says:

    A couple observations:
    Back in the 90’s Limbaugh was talking about Trump’s interest in the presidency. No surprise when he acted.

    Still active in politics, the dangers in ceding the game to the big-government party are obvious. Consider California. There is now, officially, one party. E.g. the politics in CA resemble those in Chicago; every close election there in 2018 went Democratic. Try getting rid of regulation when the state knows it can – and does – regulate everything.

    I understand the “only one vote” argument. The good economists, though, have seen to it that the one class of people who don’t vote are economists.

    You touched on it but it needs to be emphasized. A good libertarian, by definition, will not be running for office. But who will carry the torch?

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