07 Oct 2019

Tough Questions for Conservatives

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  1. Craw says:

    ABC goes full Hearst. You furnish the pictures, I’ll furnish the war. https://twitchy.com/sarahd-313035/2019/10/14/why-did-you-think-you-could-get-away-with-this-abc-world-news-tonight-regrets-getting-caught-airing-footage-that-wasnt-actually-from-syria/

    The media had already reported fake attacks on US troops.

    • Bob Murphy says:

      Yeah this stuff is so audacious. We would be much smoother masterminds, Craw.

      • Tel says:

        It’s hard to get good hench these days.

        The super-villains are no doubt in semi-permanent facepalm mode, considering the material they have to work with … but what else was to be expected? When you set in motion a long term master plan to destroy society by encouraging rampant degeneracy and loss of all common sense … there’s gonna be consequences.

        For the TV news it may not matter, think of it this way: the TV show needs to target roughly the centre of it’s viewer demographic, which means all the people near the fringes of that curve are mildly disgruntled. This includes people who are significantly smarter than the typical viewer and people who are significantly more stupid than the typical viewer. You could draw (dare I say it) a bell curve.

        The smartest corner of that curve has plenty of alternative options: they could go to blogs, podcasts, youtube. Heck a few of them might even read a book or something … but failing that there’s audio books, the “blinkist” app that Tom Woods recommends. So the TV show is constantly facing a drain from that “smartest corner” of the viewer bell curve … how do they respond? Well they dumb it down a fraction and adjust their new target center to a slightly lower point to compensate for loss at the top side, in the hope of picking up a few more dopey viewers.

        This process is continuous … as the TV show dumbs it down, they lose more of the smartest viewers and the centre of their viewing audience drops in response. Then they dumb it down a bit more, and lose more of the smartest viewers.

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