09 Sep 2019

Murphy Twin Spin

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In BMS ep. 57 I have a really fun discussion with Robert Anthony Peters.

In BMS ep. 58 I use excerpts from Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History to make my point that State militaries are incompetent.

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  1. Mark says:

    Hey, Bob –

    Since your ID post is off the front page, I thought I’d post this here.

    Creation.com just posted an article about Yale professor David Gelernter denouncing evolution. https://creation.com/yale-prof-denounces-darwinism

    It’s brief, so you can read the entire article. But if you don’t, please read at least the Conclusion: the insufficiency of Intelligent Design.

    • Tel says:

      Mathematics is the bane of evolution. Probability, specifically, tells us that believing in evolution is akin to believing in miracles. For example, there are only approximately 50,000 known protein families,3 but certain proteins are essential for all forms of life. Most proteins are composed of hundreds to thousands of amino acids. Let’s pick one of these proteins and say that only 150 of the amino acids are necessary for it to work. What is the probability that this one, short protein would evolve in the primordial soup?

      OK, probability is tricky stuff. Suppose I toss 50,000 coins and arrange them in a straight line so each coin is either heads or tails. What’s the probability of that outcome? Well 1 in 2 to the power of 50,000 is a small number in my book. And yet amazingly enough I did get that outcome. How can it be?

      • Rory says:

        I have been using this analogy nearly verbatim for years when talking about probability and evolution, and I just want to say I am amused and relieved that others do too. Now I have validation!

    • Harold says:

      Copying from a comment Craw made in that other post:

      Craw: Coyne refutes Gelerntner


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