10 Jun 2019

And Miles to Go Before I Sleep

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I have been the Indiana Jones of economics lately (picture the map showing Indy as a moving red line). I know there are at least 3 of you who only know about my new podcast episodes and articles by checking here, so let me bring you up to speed:

==> On the Lara-Murphy Show, I facilitate Carlos’ discussion of inheritance taxes, trust planning, and IBC.

==> Contra Krugman 190 where Tom and I field listener questions such as UBI, ep. 191 where I go solo and take apart Krugman’s column on infrastructure, and ep. 192 where Tom and I yet again go to the listener grab-bag because Krugman is so boring. (This last one had some good jokes, if you must choose.)

==> On the Bob Murphy Show: ep. 37 where I interview Dr. Keith Smith on how to secede from the current health care / insurance system, and ep. 39 where I interview Stephan Kinsella (on private law and IP). (The 38th episode is a re-run of my solo Contra Krugman.)

==> At IER, I have a post reflecting on the 2nd anniversary of Trump’s announcement that he was pulling the US out of the Paris Agreement.

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  1. Harold says:

    Do you think that the USA pulling out of the Paris Agreement will lead to lower CO2 emissions than would have occurred had they remained in it?

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