15 May 2019

Murphy Triple Play

Bob Murphy Show, Climate Change, Contra Krugman, Shameless Self-Promotion 1 Comment

==> In the latest Bob Murphy Show, I interview Lew Rockwell. We get into some pretty serious stuff, including the methods by which the CIA kill people.

==> In the latest Contra Krugman, Tom and I discuss Bernie’s apparent hypocrisy on now being a millionaire in the 1%.

==> In my latest IER column, I explain that–according to the UN’s periodic report on climate change science and policy–it is absolutely not the case that we “have a decade left” to solve it.

One Response to “Murphy Triple Play”

  1. Tel says:

    The United Nations have a largely arbitrary deadline of 2030 which means nothing but as it gets closer I’m sure you will hear people making a big deal over it.

    The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

    Very collectivist plan to take over every aspect of life: food, housing, water, energy, reproduction.

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