12 Apr 2014

For Those Wishing to Show Support for Cliven Bundy

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A correspondent lets me know that he spent 90 minutes yesterday making phone calls, expressing his support for Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and encouraging the BLM to stand down. For those interested, the BLM’s number is (775) 861-6400, the Nevada governor’s office is (775) 684-5670, the Sheriff’s Office is (702) 671-5822, and the office of Senator Dean Heller is (775) 686-7720. (Note that the governor and Sen. Heller have both publicly condemned the BLM’s tactics.)

(Note: If anybody has trouble with these numbers let me know.)

One Response to “For Those Wishing to Show Support for Cliven Bundy”

  1. Dennis Ritchie says:

    Thanks Brothers for your support against this administration and to protect our freedom. We need to get this country back to the american citizens.

    You all have my support to get the Jack booted persons working for the Feds off our land.

    Hello NSA, Read my lips as you are probably getting any and all data from this web site per Obama. You will soon be shut down from spying on americans when the Americans control this country again.

    Blue collar worker for 30 years and tired of tax redistribution to the deadbeats and suckers working for the Feds.

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