12 Apr 2014

Cool Photo of the Bundy Ranch Standoff

Bundy Ranch 4 Comments

The best one I’ve come across so far…2014.04.12 Bundy Standoff

4 Responses to “Cool Photo of the Bundy Ranch Standoff”

  1. Gamble says:

    Well all I can say is I hope NO tax dollars are used on this mans homestead land anymore. Also I hope any water he has is from a spring or other on site source and any water coming down stream is dammed and then sold to him. Independence and property rights must come with real dollar cost otherwise this is no different than a bailout, cronyism, socialized loss privatized profits, etc…


    • Chuck says:

      Those ungrateful colonists want protection from the French and Indians, but don’t want to pay for it!

  2. Ken B says:


    As for Bob and irony. Even someone who supports enforcing the court order can object to siccing dogs on protestors. Ayn Rand supported integrating the school in Little Rock, but wouldn’t have supported napalming the protestors. You have to be addled and hopelessly mired in partisanship to think that ironic.

  3. Marcia says:

    I seem to recall not to long ago that a group of people were OCCUPYING a citizen’s home to keep the law enforcement officers from executing an eviction. I don’t remember Sean Hannity putting THAT on his show. And the passersby called out names saying “GET A JOB” “TAKE A BATH”.

    We knew that the mortgage businesses and the banks were corrupt. And it has since been proven. Now you call for support. for this man. Well I don’t protest with guns.

    Civil disobedience is without weapons. This group is an ARMED insurrection.

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