31 Jan 2014

Hidden in Plain Sight?

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The world’s most wanted whistleblower isn’t in Russia. That’s just what he wants you to think.

22 Responses to “Hidden in Plain Sight?”

  1. LA Liberty says:

    OK, I laughed…

    • Cosmo Kramer says:

      killer blog dude

  2. Enopoletus Harding says:

    Nah. Look at the hair frizziness and eye color.

  3. Transformer says:

    But have you noticed the unusual timings of Daniel’s posts recently ? (He may be claiming this is due to his recent fatherhood but perhaps you have stumbled on the truth).

  4. A$$man says:

    Ha ha. He is living here in plain sight 🙂

  5. Daniel Kuehn says:

    Damn it Bob! Now I have black helicopters circling my house!

    • Andrew' says:

      We even joke about “black helicopters”?

      Does your side joke about gray drones?

      • Andrew' says:

        This is some inside baseball and it took me a while to get the joke.

        Hey, at the very least you are a nice looking dude.

        Actually, I don’t even know what side you are on. But I get the feeling you are trying to set yourself up as an even-keeled establishment apologist.

        It’s funny because I’ve never even read your opinion on anything.

        But I occasionally read something by Cass Sunstein someone posts randomly that is so incredibly obtuse that I never need to read anything else, just observe the deafening silence.

        If someone is using right now to attack libertarians, that means you are either really dumb and completely out of touch or really scared.

        People are seriously impugning Ed Snowden because he told the people what the government continues to lie to them about? Who are you people?

        The establishment is crumbling. It’s actually a sign of weakness that the NSA can’t even spy on us without other people providing them the technology and data. They are pathetic, and their defenders are personally maybe even worthy of pity, except for the part where they are at the steering wheel of evil blindly navigating into something they can’t possibly even fathom.

        • Andrew' says:

          Now, I’m self-aware enough to realize that you will take this as evidence that Cass Sunstein is correct. But that is extrapolating. All I do is say “okay, zero terrorst plots foiled” “Millions of Americans spied on” “President lies a half dozen times about it.” I don’t a slippery slope or anything else Cass Suntein might claim I’m being paranoid about.

          • Andrew' says:

            BTW, did Cass Sunstein warn us of the “facts” or did someone he’s using vague insinuations about?

            I don’t even know what Snowden’s ideology is really. I just know that everything he tells the truth about the PRESIDENT lies about.

            Okay, that’s it, I’m out.

  6. LvM says:

    Shees, never knew Snowden is actually a giant [person for whom I do not care–edited RPM]

    • Daniel Kuehn says:

      I think I’m a pretty nice guy. Most people seem to think I am too. Why do you think I’m a douchebag?

      • Ken B says:

        Anti bonobo sentiment is rife in libertarian world.

        • RPLong says:

          Hahaha… the fast one’s go right over their heads, Ken B.

      • Bharat says:

        This is the internet. Everyone hates you if you have a different opinion.

        • Gamble says:

          Beer balls, nah, keyboard balls…

        • Daniel Kuehn says:

          re:’This is the internet. Everyone hates you if you have a different opinion.”

          And sometimes if you have the same opinion!

          Yep, I have this impulse to call it out occasionally but perhaps that’s a bad habit on my part.

  7. Edward Snowden says:

    My interview for the German station NDR can be viewed here:


  8. andrew' says:

    New reality show: Cass sunsteon gets arrested. Cass Einstein blows a whistle. Cass sunstein collects firewood on the afghan border. Cass sunstein gets glaucoma or ms or terminal cancer. Cass Einstein gets addicted to prescription paonkillers. I’d watch.

    • Andrew' says:

      Cass Sunstein tries to build a house. Cass Sunstein tries to open a business. Cass Sunstein says one contrarian opinion and then tries to go to a cocktail party with his ex-friends.

      The opposite of the paranoid libertarian must be the something that rhymes with the shipdit establishment moderate.

      “Blowing up children at weddings is not bad because it isn’t even worse! I’m the ShipDit establishment moderate!”

      “David Brooks is my pal! I’m the ShipDit establishment moderate!”

      “I can’t see past my tax-funded paycheck! I’m the ShipDit establishment moderate!”

      “All other countries should be exactly like the US, even in how the US is discarding what makes us exceptional! I’m the ShipDip Establishment Moderate!”

      • Andrew' says:

        “Illegal and unconstitutional and unAmerican spying is only bad if they do something I can’t even imagine them doing, that they would only do if noone were to stop them now, no thanks to me, the ShipDit Establishment Apologist Moderate!”

        “I can’t see trends! I’m the ShipDit Establishment Moderate!”

        “I didn’t say anything back during the Total Information Awareness and kerfuffle! ShipDit Establishment Moderate”

        “I can’t understand how just having sensitive information doesn’t even require formal blackmail letters! And doesn’t even require them to actually have the information! And I certainly can’t imagine asymmetrical anti-establishment enforcement through parallel construction in the courts or the media! I’m the ShipDit Establishment Moderate!”

  9. Matthew M. says:

    Very funny that little punk “economist” does resemble the heroic Snowden.

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