08 Jan 2013

Two Visions

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==> On the one hand, you can listen to Danny Glover and write-in Paul Krugman for Treasury Secretary.

==> On the other hand, you can sign up for Joe Salerno’s 6-week Mises Academy class on Austrian macroeconomics.

10 Responses to “Two Visions”

  1. Joseph Fetz says:

    I’ve never taken a Mises Academy course, but Joe Salerno on Austrian macro for only $59? Count me in! That’s a freaking steal.

    • Bob Murphy says:

      JF, you’ve ignored the 10 (?) courses I’ve pimped from these pages over the years, and now you’re signing up for Salerno’s? You cut me deep.

      • Joseph Fetz says:

        Sorry, man. Salerno gets into the parts of economics that most interest me: time and money. Plus, I already read your blog, which is called “Free Advice” if I am not mistaken. It doesn’t take an economist to figure this out …

  2. Ken B says:

    Speaking of pimping things, when will your Human Action re-boot be published? For Kindle I hope.

    I should warn you, Fetz is costing you money. He already persuaded me to move Jaynes’s Bicameral Mind ahead of your recession book in my Kindle purchase priority list!

  3. Matt M says:

    Dr. Murphy,

    Alas, I won’t be taking Salerno’s course, because I’m already enrolled in a different one. But (without naming names) I would like to say that I’ve been disappointed, as the teacher is not nearly as prepared or as engaging as you were during the courses I’ve taken from you. I guess I assumed all MA courses were equally polished. I guessed wrong!

  4. Chris Branco says:

    I’ll take Salerno and Austrian macroeconomics for $59.

  5. Adrian Gabriel says:

    I’m on a budget, and am waiting for the part 2 of Human Action to come around. It would have been nice to have Salerno teach that course, he’s a wise Austrian. Seems like a great class though. I hope you end up teach that Human Action 2 course Professor Murphy. It sucks living here in NY without getting some good education from the one and only Robert P Murphy.

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