15 Nov 2011

Back From Michigan

Humor, Shameless Self-Promotion, Tea Party 3 Comments

I’m back in Music City. The bus tour in MIchigan was definitely a new experience for me. I was really hoping we would get hecklers but it never happened while I was there.

Apparently there were some Occupiers who tried to disrupt the stops in Pennsylvania. We also saw evidence of them on the bus. After each rally, the organizers would pass out Sharpies for people to sign the bus. (The idea is that at the end of the tour, they’ll drive the bus to DC and show how Americans all over the country want expanded access to domestic energy.)

So some of the wiseguys infiltrated the crowd and signed things like, “I hate the environment! Adolf Hitler, Berlin, Germany.”

Another interesting one said “F*** trees!” (without the asterisks). We noticed it at the next stop, and some of the older Tea Party types saw it and said, “Oh, we should cover that up.” I explained, “They were just showing that they love nature.”

Then the bus driver put a “Friends of Coal” sticker on it.

Good times, good times.

3 Responses to “Back From Michigan”

  1. Tom Woods says:

    Bob, I’m going to take a wild guess that these people have not looked into the Nazis’ environmental policies.

    • Blackadder says:

      Hopefully no one will tell them about Hitler’s environmentalism. It would be like telling a kid that there’s no Santa Claus.

    • Bob Murphy says:

      Tom, I think they were too busy dealing with Bohm-Bawerk’s critique of Marx’s solution to the surplus value problem. (NOTE: Some hardcore Marxists have done this. I’m just saying, I don’t think they were the same people who wrote on the bus.)