15 May 2010

Paul on the Brain

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I am getting ready to turn in, here at the Campaign for Liberty event in Iowa. Ron Paul’s plane was delayed, and Tom Woods had to give an impromptu speech in front of several hundred people to fill the void. What was really tricky was that Tom didn’t even know how long he had to go; he was just supposed to keep the natives happy until Dr. Paul was in the building. That’s qualitatively harder to do. It’s one thing to say, “Hey Tom, in five minutes we’re going to need you to get up on stage and talk about nullification for 8 minutes.” It’s another to say, “Yeah, his plane is on the ground but we don’t know exactly when he’ll get here. Tom get up there and say something about liberty. When we signal you, wrap it up.”

Anyway Tom did well. It was a friendly crowd but it was a good showing. I actually got to talk to him for about five minutes in the reception room before he was mobbed. I remember the Beatles during an interview one time said, “Everyone wants to be rich and famous. Trust us, you just want to be rich.”

Speaking of Pauls, Bob Roddis sends this tribute from David Frum. What’s awesome is that every single comment on the first page was pro-Paul. It is hilarious to see these “experts” like from actually come out and say, “C’mon Republicans, let’s be adults and accept that the bailout was a good idea. You know you love fiat currencies, admit it. Let’s stop all this ‘we need to balance the budget’ nonsense.”

What is Frum going to do if Rand Paul ends up getting elected? That has been the single biggest point from Frum, that Republicans needed to stop being such purists because it was bad politics. So how does he explain the people getting gonged because they voted for the bailout?

(BTW I’m not predicting anything about the Kentucky election or even in general. If I can’t predict bond traders’ behavior, I certainly don’t want to say anything about American voters. I’m just saying it is going to be hilarious to read Frum’s sermons if there are a bunch of Tea Party types who get elected.)

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  1. Robert says:

    I’ve been following several of the liberty-minded political campaigns recently. By far the one having the most success and what as of now seems to be as close to a sure thing as possible, is Rand Paul in Kentucky. I would be shocked if he is unable to win there. There are several much smaller and less known candidates running who have an uphill battle, and even one fairly famous candidate in Peter Schiff, who is a sizable underdog, but the last poll for Rand was something like he was ahead 70-30 so look to see him elected!