18 Mar 2010

Man at Work

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Sorry kids, I’ve got a guy revamping the web site. (I will reveal his identity and promote his stuff etc. once everything is nailed down.)

It’s a long story, but I was unable to post for a few days. Basically I had to switch my Blogger account to a different blogspot URL in order to import it into the new WordPress thingie, but then once I did that (and WordPress wasn’t ready to go) I couldn’t post anymore from Blogger to my original URL.

Anyway, we should have things cleaned up by Monday.

7 Responses to “Man at Work”

  1. Silas Barta says:

    He sucks. The new design, as it stands now, sucks.

    My assessment of your judgment in picking this revamper is left as an exercise for the reader.

  2. S Andrews says:

    Bob, Good job on the blog. It looks more readable. Is this commenting system native to wordpress? Have you considered Disqus?

  3. S Andrews says:

    A few suggestions, make the left frame narrower, and move the stuff from the bottm of the page to an additional frame on the right side of the browser.

  4. S Andrews says:

    Another suggestion. Please open up the comments. Moderating comments will kill debate. You can always unsavory comments later on.

  5. Jonathan Ober says:

    Site looks good. I think it’s definitely a step up from the previous version and the entries are just more readable. It does get long because of the sidebar, perhaps splitting it up like the one guy suggested would be better. Overall crisp and clean. My only fear is that a third column is going to make things squished, but perhaps the font size can come down on the sidebars.

    You could save a little space by moving your about/wiki link to a link in your menu near your resume/csv button. The recent comment in the sidebar is a good idea, except that it doesnt do anything to help me. Meaning that I have to click on the link to read the comment. If the recent comment could be shown that would be good, but other than that, it’s just taking up space.

    Move recent post and the your books to the left sidebar, and the blog roll to the right. That way the important stuff (your recent posts) are where we all look first, the left side. Just my thoughts.

  6. Bob Murphy says:

    Feel free to make suggestions, but keep in mind this is by no means the finished product. The only reason we switched over before it was ready, is that the FTP deal forced me to do something which was then irrevocable, and so I wanted to let all of you know what was going on. (For example people’s comments were going into the Phantom Zone before I switched over the domain to the new host.)

  7. Nico says:


    Good job.

    Is it not possible for you to add entries to your old feed? It would be a good idea to add one last entry and notify your subscribers of the new changes.

    I had to check your blog manually in order to find out (last post from the old feed is “Murphy Double Play”).