05 Jul 2009

Phew! State Governments Pledge Not to Implant Microchips Against Your Will *Unless a Judge Orders It

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I recently became aware of the theory that the elites behind the scenes ultimately want to put microchips in all of us. When I first heard it, I laughed out loud because I thought it was so dumb.

It turns out we have nothing to fear; various states have banned forced microchipping of people. Here’s a story (HT2LRC) about the latest attempt to do so in Pennsylvania:

HARRISBURG – Invasion of privacy is an issue that really gets under State Rep. Babette Josephs’ skin.

That’s why the Philadelphia Democrat introduced a bill, passed unanimously last week by the House, that would ban the forced implantation of computer chips in humans.

Conjuring Orwellian images, Josephs worries the identification devices – the size of a grain of rice – could lead to a real-life Big Brother nightmare.

“I’m doing, I think, what the legislature does too little of,” she said. “This is a problem on the horizon, and I want to address it before it becomes a societal disgrace.”

Though the technology hasn’t debuted in Pennsylvania, VeriChip, a company in Florida, received federal Food and Drug Administration clearance in 2004 to market the implanted microchips, which were tested on 200 Alzheimer’s patients.

Injected into the triceps, the chips have unique 16-digit codes and GPS capabilities that allow nursing homes to find wandering patients.

“I think it’s really horrible that we want to chip them like barcoded packages of meat,” said Kim Sultzbaugh, a research specialist who helped Josephs write the bill.

California, North Dakota, and Wisconsin have enacted laws similar to the ban Josephs is proposing.

Note that the ban is not as airtight and straightforward as one might have hoped:

Josephs said electronic ankle bracelets could keep track of someone in a less-invasive manner.

But for some “murderers, killers, and rapists,” ankle bracelets won’t do the trick, said State Rep. Dan Moul (R., Adams).

Moul amended Josephs’ bill to allow chips to be implanted by court order. The bill also would allow the chips to be implanted in Guantanamo Bay detainees who end up in Pennsylvania.

“Terrorists could take that ankle bracelet off with a saw and strap it to a dog and let them run around,” Moul said. “We need to know if these people are returning to the war to fight against America.”

I see it clearly now. I don’t know how long it will take, but at some point it will be routine for average Americans to have their newborns implanted with a microchip that allows government officials to track their movements and purchases. And then, when I say, “The conspiracy nutjobs were right!! Wake up people!!” the response will be, “Oh give me a break, this isn’t due to a conspiracy. This is just typical government overkill. There are lots of legitimate reasons that consumers wanted these products. Occam’s Razor, my friend. We don’t need to assume Masons are behind this.”

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