23 Jun 2009

"Wake Up Call"

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Someone whose opinion I respect told me to watch this movie. Are there any sites dedicated to refuting it, the way the 9/11 Truthers have all of their major points “refuted” at a FAQ?

Say what you will about the above documentary, it has by far the highest “crazy-freaking-claim to sober-sounding-analysis” ratio I have ever seen. If you start watching it, I really encourage you to give it until the part where they discuss the elites’ ultimate plan. The claim makes you laugh out loud, it is so ridiculous, but then they show some clips from Fox etc. that make you say, “Wait a minute…” (cue Twilight Zone music).


And the good thing about movies like the above, is that even if it’s way off-base, it gets you thinking globally. For example, what if President George W. Bush acted like a cowboy in order to scare foreigners to accepting some major erosion of their liberties? Just as American politicians love to use North Korea and Iran to do whatever they want, by the same token everybody else gets to warn its people, “We need to do this to keep the Americans from Iraq’ing us!”

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