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Bob Murphy Show Twin Spin

In ep. 80 I reproduced my interview with Patrick from the “Cave to the Cross” apologetics podcast (video below). Among other things, we tackled the question, “Would the laws of economics be true in the Garden of Eden?” Then in ep. 81 I have Jeffrey Rogers Hummel on to talk more about the economics of […]

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How Did the West Abolish Slavery?

This is a neat interview Tom Woods had with Jim Powell:

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Secession Solves Social Strife

My latest LibertyChat, amplifying a remark Tom Woods made in a recent podcast. My conclusion: Last thing: Whenever someone brings up secession as a strategy for modern American politics, some wiseguy will say, “Didn’t the Civil War show that doesn’t work?” This is such a monstrous quip that it’s hard to know how to respond. […]

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