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Goldbug Wind Tunnel

OK kids, I am working on something for the layperson, and I want to give some suggestions for reform. I have given the caveats that political “fixes” are always messy, and that all we know for sure is that returning money and banking to the private sector is the ultimate goal and solution. Having said […]

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Gold Hits All Time High

I was listening to Dave Ramsey–whom I love now, by the way, despite his views on whole life–and he was pooh-poohing gold. He said something like, “I look at an investment based on its track record, not on ‘feelings.’ And if you throw out the last 7 seven years, gold has performed just horribly.” Now […]

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Gold Flirting With All-Time High

News here. As Robert Wenzel pointed out, the day of the Greece bailout announcement, gold actually dipped. That made no sense, at least from a “fundamental” viewpoint. If I subscribed to conspiracy theories, I would say the plunge protection team dumped a bunch of gold futures to push down the gold price at least the […]

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