11 May 2010

Gold Flirting With All-Time High

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As Robert Wenzel pointed out, the day of the Greece bailout announcement, gold actually dipped. That made no sense, at least from a “fundamental” viewpoint. If I subscribed to conspiracy theories, I would say the plunge protection team dumped a bunch of gold futures to push down the gold price at least the day of the announcement, to maintain some face, but now they can’t hold back the flood.

In any event, I have never regretted telling Free Advice readers to stock up on physical gold and silver coins. My warnings of price inflation in general have yet to come to fruition, but you have done OK if you followed my actual recommendations.

One Response to “Gold Flirting With All-Time High”

  1. A says:

    Have you written recently on the subject of why the inflation you expected has not materialized (yet?)? I searched the blog but I didn’t find a recent indicator of your stance one this.