22 May 2021

Murphy Discusses Different Theories of the Biz Cycle

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  1. random person says:

    On a completely unrelated note, do you ever have a moment where you feel like God intervenes to save you from something?

    I was in this creepy “self-help” webinar thingy, and they were trying to tell us that we were all just meaning-generating machines and that life had no meaning. By this point, I was thinking, no, I have a soul, and life does have meaning, because God created people to generate meaning just like he created planets to generate gravity, and the meaning we generate is just as real as the gravity planets generate. (Or if some readers would like that in more secular terms, people give meaning to the universe by experiencing it, regardless of whether there is a God or not.)

    And I rather wanted to leave, except I had promised someone I would do it, so I figured, I can sit around and listen to stuff I disagree with to keep that promise.

    And then there was a power outage. For half an hour. Which really gave me some time to think and process and confirm that I definitely don’t believe that people are just machines or that life has no meaning. And based on some reviews I read on blogs afterwards, I think I missed the worst of the webinar during that half hour.

    It felt like my heart cried out to God for a way out of that webinar without having to break the promise I made to someone, and he replied by sending me a power outtage to protect me from the worst of it. Now, of course, that’s just what it felt like to me, and it doesn’t actually prove anything one way or the other about God’s existence or lack thereof. It could have been a mightily convenient coincidence. But it *felt* like an Act of God.

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