06 Mar 2021

Introducing the Best New Rapper, Tom MacDonald

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This guy is amazing. Here is the song that made him break out; it’s the California Roll of his oeuvre:

So if you like that, check out his YouTube channel; he’s dropping songs monthly, lately.

OK but what I want to draw your attention to is the amazing rap battle he had with Mac Lethal. (I have been out of the game for too long, but my wife tells me Mac Lethal is pretty big and for example has a famous video where he raps in 27 different styles; it currently has almost 32 million views.)

Apparently, on Twitter Mac Lethal picked a fight out of nowhere, complaining about entertainers who whine about being cancelled when nobody cares about them. He was clearly referring to T-Mac even though he later tried to backpedal when it was clear that even his own fans (i.e. Mac Lethal’s) weren’t with him.

So Tom MacDonald dropped a diss track:

Then Mac Lethal hit back, and it took a while (not sure how long) for him to put this up–and just a hint, “Tammy” is Tom MacDonald, Mac Lethal is saying he’s a little girl:

OK not bad, not bad. The Candace Owens line was laugh-out-loud funny.

THEN, with reportedly a one-day turnaround, Tom MacDonald put out the following. After this atomic bomb, Mac Lethal wisely surrendered,

The above is arguably the greatest diss track recorded in the English language (I cannot speak outside that). One hint: Around 2:05 he says Dave (i.e. Mac Lethal) will need to “Chris Benoit them.” Follow the link if you don’t get what he’s saying. Damn Tom.

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  1. skylien says:

    Really nice battle. After that I watched a compilation of Chris Benoit’s diving headbutts… omfg…

  2. guest says:

    Full disclosure: I really liked “Fake Woke”, and I’ve never heard of Tom Macdonald or Mac Lethal.

    With that out of the way, I just wanted to point out that both of Tom’s diss tracks (above) sound like MGK’s Rap Devil. For what it’s worth.

    I’m going to go listen to Tom’s non-diss stuff, now.

    • Bob Murphy says:

      guest, I played a couple of minutes of MGK to remind myself. Yeah, I see what you’re saying, but then I got bored. I played the first 15 seconds of Tom’s “Mac Lethal Sucks” and remembered why I thought his was 4x as good.

      Tom’s is punchier, has more energy, is way funnier, and way more brutal.

      • guest says:

        He’s got skills, for sure.

        Or, at least he plus his girlfriend do, since I found out they co-write. Which is fine, since I mostly care about the lyrics.

        From his song “This House (Whiteboy Response):

        “No record label, no distribution, no co-sign, no publicist,
        No manager, no teammates, no money to make on my budget with,
        No groceries, no studio, no booking agent, no bucket list,
        No PR, no marketing, just fans.”


        [Aside] Although, as with all who make money off of so-called Intellectual Property, he owes his income to robbery in that the government is preventing others from using their own property in a way that has the effect of reducing the scarcity of said works, thereby artificially increasing the price of something that we can all easily copy.

        (*Someone* had to go there. Especially when Austrians are praising him for his entrepreneurship [a nod to an EPJ article] – which is deserved, but again, not entirely [because of IP].)

        • random person says:

          It is easy enough for people to get so-called “pirated” copies of music and not get caught using Swiss VPNs (or other VPNs located in friendly jurisdictions for this purpose), some of which are freely available without charge. If most people choose not to, it’s probably because of good manners, not because Intellectual Property Enforcement is particularly strong. (Although, admittedly, it is more strongly enforced than the 13 Amendment, which is really quite sad.)

          It’s sort of like, no one’s going to get arrested for not tipping a waiter or waitress, but over 90% of people will anyway, because it’s good manners. Except not exactly, because IP law is occasionally enforced, although mostly against people who don’t bother to use a VPN.

          I think a lot of people are better at manners than at morals. Which lets people get away with things like advocating in favor of legalized child rape (see child marriage laws throughout most of the United State, which allows many forced marriages of children), and then crying that they are being harassed when you express your horror at their depravity. (I actually experienced the unpleasantness of interacting with such a person a few months ago.)

          Also, for more information about legalized child rape in the United States, see:

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