10 Sep 2019

Carlos Explains His Absence

Lara-Murphy Show 3 Comments

…in the latest Lara-Murphy Show. He had a medical issue over the summer but is on the path to a full recovery.

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  1. Tel says:

    Frightening stuff … three people I knew died that way … even though two of cases were recent (with modern hospital facilities) and got to hospital fairly quickly, they still died. The third case was quite a few decades ago, not sure about the details. All of them were male and around 60 or there abouts.

    Interesting question about medical insurance, in Australia the insurance is optional and government will pay for emergencies (you pay a few hundred bucks for ambulance but they send a bill a month afterwards, and no one is going to refuse the ambulance if they are really in trouble). However they take you to the nearest hospital and most of those are public hospitals … you get essentially randomly chosen doctors and nurses who have no idea who you are. All they can do is follow standard procedures as they were trained … so they are good at routine types of emergency care*. If you make it through the first day, then you can worry about finding a doctor and consider using your private insurance to get to private doctor in a private hospital, but you can stay in the public system with randomly chosen doctors if you want.

    * Yes I get it, that an emergency is by definition not “routine” for the patient … but at a hospital there’s certain types of injuries they get continuously in a big city, like pedestrians knocked down by cars for example, or people slipping and falling which make up a big percentage of what they deal with.

  2. von Pere says:

    I am very happy to learn of Carlos’ strong recovery,

  3. Tel says:


    Slightly off topic but Carlos and yourself might find this interesting. There’s room for a lot of Austrian School discussion over the Fed policy that they cover. Might help out playing double-guess the Fed game, which we all like to play.

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