21 Mar 2019


Potpourri 3 Comments

==> My IER post discussing my Fraser Institute study on the Alberta carbon tax.

==> I was naughty again.

==> I talked about MMT from a socialist perspective, with another guy who was also neither MMT nor socialist.

==> James Galbraith gets saucy on MMT.

==> Does anyone know about WhenHub? I’m looking for an alternative to Patreon. (Right now I’m using PayPal.)

==> Gilbert Berdine (a cardiologist here at Texas Tech) writes about Medicare for all.

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  1. Andrew in MD says:

    About WhenHub, I know that Scott Adams was (and still is AFAIK) heavily involved with it when it was first starting out and would talk about it regularly on his blog and Periscopes. At that time it was mostly a way to coordinate meetings and timelines as far as I could tell. The feature that he would most often publicize at the beginning was the ability to share your location with others via the app so that you could more easily estimate times of arrival and find one another. It seemed like they were adding new features all the time and they weren’t necessarily things that intuitively made sense together, just features that Adams and the rest of the development team expected to be useful. The last feature I remember him promoting was the ability for people to buy virtual face time with experts on specific topics. This is the first I’m hearing about the recurring donation feature.

  2. Tel says:

    Depending on insurance companies to keep the cops honest.


    Interestingly … they explain it only works in small towns because larger cities “self insure” and slug the taxpayers.

  3. Bob Roddis says:

    Mosler has a new MMT “White Paper”. I fail to see:

    1. How creating new funny money with computers differs substantly from just printing it; and/or

    2. How the entire proposal isn’t just one giant Cantillon Effect where the government hopes and prays the rabble do not notice the wealth shift from them to the powerful.


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