04 Feb 2019

Rob Bradley on the *Energy* New Deal

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At his blog, Master Resource.

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  1. guest says:

    Fun fact: Howard Dean was pushing for the same kind of thing, not long ago:

    Howard Dean to European Socialists: Let’s Work Together for ‘Global New Deal’

    It says the file is no longer available. Hmmm.

    Let’s see if I can find it, elsewhere.

    Nope. Looks like it’s been memory-hole’d.

    Partial transcript

    (Total duration: 04:45)

    [Howard Dean at 01:40]: “What we need is a long term global vision tackling global imbalances. Free market globalization, alone, cannot achieve Social Justice. What the world needs is a global New Deal. In a globalized world, no single nation can shape the future for its people. Recovery will be faster and stronger if we work together.

    “And when we talk about the crisis, let’s not forget the environment. The transition to a low-carbon economy will need a major transformation in the patterns of production and consumption. It will require large-scale investments, mechanisms to share the costs, policies, and to ensure Social Justice in this transition.”

    (Transcript ends at 02:24)

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