24 Jan 2019

Nominations for Best Intro Episodes to Contra Krugman?

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Some homework for you, kids: My dad wants me to compile a list of some of the best Contra Krugman episodes for him to send others, if they express interest in the concept. So the point here isn’t to teach someone Austrian business cycle theory, the point is to get the person to think, “Oh yeah, I’m glad I just spent a half hour listening to that, I’ll get some more episodes.”

What do you think? I’ve noticed that my favorite episodes are not necessarily yours.

2 Responses to “Nominations for Best Intro Episodes to Contra Krugman?”

  1. Tel says:

    No one else has put forward any candidates. I think the trick is to build a topic matrix and give people a short list of episodes relating to whatever topics they feel strongly about.

  2. Joshua Woods says:

    I wanted to give an answer to this but found I struggled to differentiate them all from memory. I personally enjoy ones where you trap Krugman in a Kontradiction by quoting his own earlier work but am unsure in which exact episodes this occurred. Great show btw

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