09 Nov 2018

Soft Launch: The Bob Murphy Show

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I am still waiting for iTunes to officially accept the podcast, and I’m about to get on the road. So at this point, I’m throwing caution to the winds and letting you guys take a sneak peak.

Here’s the website for my new podcast. Kick the tires and tell me if you see anything, especially places where I forgot to change the text from the website template.

You *should* be able to subscribe to my direct feed, but like I said, I’m still not synced yet with iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play. But, you can at least listen to the 3 episodes that are up.

Last thing: Please don’t publicize this, because I want to be on the main podcast sites before blasting this out to the teeming masses.

32 Responses to “Soft Launch: The Bob Murphy Show”

  1. Rory says:

    Wow – Contra Krugman, Texas Tech, guest on other podcasts, posts on IER, Mises … you’re a busy guy!

    Great to see this podcast though!

  2. Taiwanguy says:

    I’m proud to be the 18th subscriber on Podcast Addict. I’m running out of time to listen to all of my Ancap podcasts!

    Tom Woods, Contra Krugman, Bob Murphy, Part of the Problem,…

  3. Khodge says:

    Will there be a place for questions/comments?

    • Khodge says:

      Let me rephrase that…will a comment section be available next to the podcast where comments can be entered immediately without needing to follow the menus?

      • Bob Murphy says:

        Khodge there is a form to leave a comment under each episode. Is that not working?

        • Khodge says:

          It looks like I messed up my comment here.

          On the first podcast I left a comment that hasn’t shown up. I’ll retry on case I messed that one up.

          The bigger problem that I see is that you can listen to the podcast from the listing area without ever seeing the link and comment section.

          Note that Andrew, below, asks about my podcast app. I have been fighting desktop clutter since the days of C/PM and will, wherever possible, use a browser.

        • Khodge says:

          Bob, I posted comments on episode 1 (2 comments) and episode 2 (1 comment) and none have shown up. Do you need to verify comments?

          • Bob Murphy says:

            OK I answered. Yeah, for now I have to manually approve everything, though I will be transitioning (I hope) to a system closer to how this blog works.

  4. Khodge says:

    The link to your blog does not seem to get me here as easily as I am used to. I normally use either Free Advice you your URL and come out directly on the blog posts (using Android).

    • Bob Murphy says:

      Khodge do you mean because it takes you to my main website page first, and then you have to click through to the blog? If so, I did that on purpose, because I wanted newcomers to first see the main page.

      • Khodge says:

        I got to your website without much problem. It does not get me to the blog. If I were unfamiliar with it I would not find “Free Advice.”

  5. AK says:

    Do you have a URL for the podcast that we could enter into a podcast app? (I use Overcast for iOS)

  6. Kevin Regal says:

    Hi Bob!

    I am eager for your new podcast to get going. You mentioned that you are getting it on itunes. Are you also going to put it on google podcasts? I have no idea what that takes, but those of us with Android phones certainly appreciate it.

  7. Matt M says:

    Just an FYI – I’m unable to visit the site at work because Websense blocks “uncategorized” sites. Not sure if there’s something you can do to force them to categorize it or if it just takes time or what (note that this site is accessible).

  8. Andrew says:

    Excellent. We finally have a vehicle for Bob to host the debate between MF and Harold on the veracity of QAnon.

    • Bob Murphy says:

      Excellent. We finally have a vehicle for Bob to host the debate between MF and Harold on the veracity of QAnon.

      They first need to take a DNA test and post their tax returns.

  9. Bob Murphy says:

    Hey everybody: iTunes approved it but it might not show up for 48 hours on their search engine. I am submitting it to Google Player and Stitcher also.

    I’m not promoting it yet from here (the blog) or on social media because I want all the snags to be worked out first.

  10. LP says:

    Looks like there aren’t volume controls for those of us who listen via the website. I don’t know how hard that would be to add, but if it’s not too much trouble, it would be appreciated.

  11. Ethan says:

    I love the podcast so far. You have discussed things with your guests I haven’t heard from them before. Great stuff.

    I also was impressed with your discussion on the Amazon issue. I was a little shaky on the economics of the situation before listening. I like how you walked step by step through different ways of approaching the question. It felt like listening to the pure thought of an economist.

    Keep it up!

  12. Jeremiah Martin says:

    I’m a long-time TWS, LMS and CK listener, and am so stoked that you have your own podcast now. The episodes have been great! Do you have a way to support the show yet? I’d love to give you money!

  13. Matt M says:

    Not sure if you’re looking for this sort of editorial feedback or not – but IMO, the episodes are too long. I tend to prefer podcasts in the 20-50 minute form, an hour at most. More than that it’s usually too long such that I won’t have time to listen to it in one sitting, and I don’t generally like having to start and stop mid-episode.

    • Bob Murphy says:

      Thanks Matt. Yes I know there are pros and cons on both sides, but I’m going to go for the long-form interview, especially since I’m only doing one per week at most. When I do my solo episodes I will try to keep them to 45 minutes.

      • Tel says:

        If you have time to do chipper-chopper editing you could turn out a “best of” once every 10 episodes and that both fluffs out an 11th episode but also gives something for the people who are always in a hurry. Make sure to mark these alternative episodes clearly.

        I’m aware that audio editing can be painful and slow, so it’s a matter of effort vs return (like everything).

  14. Vlad says:

    Hi Bob, I’m a big fan (listened to all CK podcast episodes, purchased the CK book (audio version). going to purchase all of your other books, great stuff).

    Congrats with a new podcast!

    May I suggest a topic? Please talk about price deflation. The specific question I have is this. It’s often said that price inflation is bad because it (1) distorts price signals and thus messes up with entrepreneurial calculations and (2) encourages artificial spending because money loses its purchasing power.

    Isn’t it also true for price deflation but in reverse? Isn’t it true that price deflation also (1) distorts price signals and (2) encourages artificial savings – people save more than they would had the money’s purchasing power stayed the same?

    And as a sub-question, wouldn’t it be better to target 0% price inflation with modest monetary inflation? I know that it’s impossible to do it precisely but wouldn’t, say, 2-3% of yearly monetary inflation be better than 0%? Assuming that we can pick and choose any % of monetary inflation.


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