23 Nov 2018

“Liberty Classroom” Master Subscription BONUS for U.S. Residents

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Hey boys and girls, if you’ve always wanted to subscribe to Tom Woods’ Liberty Classroom but have been hesitating to pull the trigger, now’s your chance. If you subscribe to the MASTER membership anytime during November 2018, then in addition to all the great benefits you get from Tom, I’ll send you any two (2) of the following books autographed to the person of your choice:

(For more details about each book, click the relevant link on the left margin of this post.)

Note, you must get the MASTER membership at Liberty Classroom to be eligible for my bonus, and you have to designate a U.S. mailing address for your 2 books.

At Liberty Classroom with the Master membership, you receive lifetime access to all of the courses, plus a whole lot more. (Scroll down the main page to see the extra features.) As far as the content I created for Liberty Classroom, you are getting my two courses on the History of Economic Thought, which cover the classical economists, the Marginal Revolution, and 20th century economics. The economists range from David Hume to Eugen von Bohm-Bawerk to Irving Fisher to Robert Lucas. Here’s a sample lecture from my mini-series on Bohm-Bawerk.

C’mon, you always hear people talking about “the Coase theorem” but you don’t know what it is. (Chances are, they don’t either.) Join Liberty Classroom to get the inside scoop.

Just be sure to use my link when you go to Liberty Classroom to be eligible for my extra promo.

Note, you’ll want to act now because Tom himself has a special BLACK FRIDAY pricing deal (there’s a countdown at the bottom of his main page).

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