07 Nov 2018

Catching Up on Contra Krugman

Contra Krugman, Shameless Self-Promotion 1 Comment

I realized *I* hadn’t listened to some of these, so let’s make sure I didn’t miss anything:

==> In Ep. 161 we tackle a question from a listener, on how to unwind the Fed’s balance sheet.

==> In Ep. 162 we’re live from the Contra Cruise, handling tough questions for libertarians (roads, kids, military defense).

==> In Ep. 163 we have Scott Horton on to discuss Trump and Saudi Arabia.

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  1. guest says:

    Regarding Ep. 162 LIVE FROM THE CONTRA CRUISE: Hard Questions for Libertarians:

    In the comments for the Episode page, a commenter called “LP” mentioned that the Netherlands guy you talked about, he having reduced traffic accidents by *removing* street lights (and making roundabouts), that his name was Hans Monderman.

    Just wanted to link to the playlist for his set of videos that you mentioned:

    Monderman on Traffic Calming

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