04 Oct 2018

Keeping Up With the Murphys

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I am not sure how backlogged I am, so I’ll err on the side of posting some repeats:

==> Contra Krugman episodes 155, 156, 157, and 158.

==> Lara-Murphy Show episode 63 (“Why Learn Austrian Economics?”).

==> And my latest at mises.org: A collection of Krugman Kontradictions! Fun for the whole family.

4 Responses to “Keeping Up With the Murphys”

  1. Khodge says:

    It was so obvious but I rarely see anyone evoke the sequester.

    Similarly, I never see the Great Depression explained as well as Bob’s “Great Depression’ (read soon after finding this blog.

  2. Major_Freedom says:

    Remember when that buffoon Krugman declared ex cathedra “GDP won’t grow by 3%”?

    Pepperidge Farms remembers:


    • Major_Freedom says:

      Also from aforementioned buffoon:

      “We’re pretty close to full employment.” – March 2017

      —THEN: 4.5% in March 2017 when this statement was made
      —NOW: 3.7% in Sep 2018

      That 0.8% difference is equivalent to 2,898,000 million more people employed.

      ANY economist who STARTS with aggregate spending in their deductions will forever be ignorant of reality.

      • Major_Freedom says:

        My personal “fave”:

        Buffoon channeling his inner dictator demon:

        “The sustainable pace of growth does not look like it’s above 2%…there’s nothing in policy that would raise the growth rate [to 3%]. Nobody. You could make me total dictator and do everything I think would work and it still wouldn’t get you up more than a few tenths of %”

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