25 Sep 2018

I Will Never Trust Again

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So if I’m in the office late and want to feel the pangs of melancholic yet enchanting song, I put on this badboy:

Now that’s the go-to version of the song that always pops up on YouTube; it has 2.8 million views!

For some reason, yesterday I was scrolling through the comments. I’ve noticed that when it comes to old “classics,” the comments are usually very positive and uplifting. (This is unusual, since YouTube comments are notoriously awful.)

That pattern holds true for the above Christopher Cross video, but I noticed one guy said that the video footage was from his other song, “Ride Like the Wind.”

So I looked it up, and he’s right:

I went back to the first one to see if the guy edited it. And he did:

6 Responses to “I Will Never Trust Again”

  1. Harold says:

    That is amazing – that the two sings match up as well as they do. Now it it is pointed out you can see that the words do not match the mouth movement, but the overall timing is really quite good. That keyboard bit at the start clearly matches the second song rather than the first, but it does not look terribly out of place to the first song.

    I am not quite clear what has happened – does he now have the video not matching the song, but it is now labelled as the video rather than the audio?

    • Bob Murphy says:

      Harold wrote: “That is amazing – that the two sings match up as well as they do.”

      Yeah, obviously the mouth didn’t match up exactly, but I have been watching this particular YouTube video for years, and I just assumed it was a little out of sync. I am amazed that the guy just grabbed a totally different video.

  2. Skanahan McJellyfetti says:

    Whatever happened to Chris Cross?

  3. Bob Roddis says:

    We all get one deviation from the NAP, someone once said. The government should ban videos so people can go back to letting the music paint a picture in their mind. Back when there actually was music. And people had minds.

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