08 Aug 2018

Kick the Tires

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Hey kids, I had somebody fix some of the obvious problems with the website, such as the Category Search function (on the left). Does anybody notice anything that he might have “broken”?


(BTW check out the category I used for this blog post. Oh I’m such a clever cat.)

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  1. Tel says:

    Those evil carbon zillionaires must be getting generous… presumably Trump’s fault… most things are. There’s a feed link which is not exactly broken, but nothing ever shows up in the list so maybe have a look at that.


    • Tel says:

      I found this one does work OK (for comments, not articles) …


      However if you check the RSS section on the bottom, left corner the link for “Entries RSS” is blank and doesn’t give even the header. I guess it’s halfway there, and that’s a start.

  2. Tel says:

    I was about to mention that those two old books on the front page were getting a bit tired, but after having a quick peek now there’s new books on the front page! Excitement!!

    “Choice” got 22 Amazon reviews all of them 5 star. That’s ok for an economics book, obviously the Socialist Justice Warriors haven’t come around to trash you with fake reviews (yet).

  3. guest says:

    When I choose the category “MMT” it gives me posts with one order, but when I run a search for “MMT” it gives me a different order.

    (The first three items in either search return posts with an “MMT” category, not merely the text string somewhere in the post, if that helps.)

  4. Andrew says:

    So far so good. I’m really happy that you got this working. I was disappointed in the past when I clicked on the Religious category and only a single post came up. Looks like it’s working now!


  5. Bob Roddis says:
  6. CC says:

    Scott Horton’s sponsors: http://www.expanddesigns.com/services/

  7. Misesian says:

    Bob, for several days now (since your search “fix”), I can only get to individual blogs. The main roll, https://consultingbyrpm.com/blog/, yields the following message:

    “Safari can not open the page because too many directs occurred”

    Please fix!!!

    • Bob Murphy says:

      Hmm can you try a few different browsers, and try first going to consultingbyrpm.com then clicking on the Free Advice tab? I can’t reproduce your problem so it’s hard for me to diagnose.

  8. Misesian says:

    Bob, fixed (somehow)!

    It was working on my mobile and computer but somehow not on iPad.

    Now it’s working on all devices.


    • Bob Murphy says:


      • Misesian says:


        Unfortunately, the above described problem is back.

        Clicking on https://consultingbyrpm.com/blog yields the following on my iPad:

        “Safari can not open the link because too many redirects occurred”.

        I can get around the rest of your site, just not the free advice link. All other links appear to be working, including those of individual blog posts.

        This is just for iPad strangely. Computer and mobile working fine. Perhaps it’s just my device; I’ll cope with it.

        Just thought you should know.

  9. Misesian says:


    One last comment on this in case you’re still reading…


    How: I eliminated all website data (cookies etc.) on consultingbyrpm.com. Now the blog roll is back!

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