12 Jul 2018


Potpourri No Comments

==> Lots of people are talking about this Mexican town that overthrew its government. Seemed like the moral was: Once they secured their border, everything got better. (Oh I kid folks I kid.)

==> On that Scott Alexander post on Piketty, I was glad to see David Friedman has material posted about the History of Economic Thought.

==> John Taylor links to pieces in the debate on the Fed’s balance sheet.

==> Someone (I think Jeff Tucker?) linked to this 1996 Mario Rizzo lecture on coordination.

==> I’m really getting into Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast (not sure if I talked about it before). Here are some good episodes if you want to give it a try:
— On Wilt Chamberlain’s foul shooting.
— On the alleged acceleration problem in Toyotas.
— On the pros and cons of political satire.
** Incidentally, my reaction to these podcasts is the same as to his books (the ones I’ve read, at least): I love the material that Gladwell digs up, but I often disagree with his take-away conclusion.

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