28 Jun 2018

A Krugman Kontradiction

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Sure, he said “government official” probably to mean “employee in the Executive Branch” but c’mon. This notion that the U.S. Republic suddenly hit the rocks on November 2016 is crazy–especially coming from Krugman, who periodically reminds his readers that the GOP has been this awful all along, it’s not a Trump thing.


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  1. Tel says:

    When he says he has “never seen anything like it” he is outright fibbing, because back in 2008 he commented on exactly the same thing (blaming conservatives of course and using John McCain as an example of conservatism).


    The most startling passage in John McCain’s energy speech was his denunciation of speculators:

    [ … snip … ]

    It’s not just conservatives who are into blame-the-speculators mode, of course; but they’re the loudest voices. It’s really weird.

    Krugman has gone full hypocrite, it’s not even amusing any more.

    Now on the topic of a soybean tariff from China: it’s useless. One soybean is as good as any other, it’s a fully fungible commodity market. If China buys more from Brazil and less from the USA then someone else will buy up the US output instead of Brazil.

  2. Capt. J Parker says:

    So, the same Senator Obama who wanted the price of electricity to skyrocket also wanted more regulation because when then price of oil skyrockets, that is a bad thing. I follow these things and I’ve never seen anything like it. http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2009/jun/11/mike-pence/pence-claims-obama-said-energy-costs-will-skyrocke/

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