18 Feb 2018

RC Sproul: “What Is Evil and Where Did It Come From?”

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This is a great lecture/sermon, the recently deceased RC Sproul first admits: “I don’t know.” But then he explains why he doesn’t know. Along the way, he shows the inadequacy of popular attempts to answer the problem, and ends with some powerful observations for the believer.

5 Responses to “RC Sproul: “What Is Evil and Where Did It Come From?””

  1. Mark says:

    Bob – Have you ever read C.S.Lewis’ book Perelandra?

    • Bob Murphy says:

      No, is it good?

      • Mark says:

        Yeah, it was a great book. It was the middle book of his space trilogy, which was written before The Chronicles of Narnia.

        From goodreads: “The Cosmic Trilogy relates the interplanetary travels of Ransom, C.S. Lewis’s ill-informed and terrified victim who leaves Earth much against his will and who, in the first book of the trilogy, Out of the Silent Planet, published by the Bodley Head in 1938, encounters the imaginary and delightful world of Macalandra [Mars]. In the second book, Perelandra [Venus] (1943), Ransom is transported to a world of sweet smells and delicious tastes, a new Garden of Eden in which is enacted, with a difference, the story of Temptation. That Hideous Strength (1945) completes the trilogy and finds Dr Ransom returned from his travels in space and living in an English university town – where the Senior Common Room is given a mysterious depth, a more than earthly dimension which such things, in the author’s view, always have in life.”

        The first book was good, the second was great, and I didn’t care for the third. But the point is that in Perelandra (Venus), Ransom is visiting a planet where the Fall hasn’t taken place, and Satan is tempting the equivalent of our Eve. Ransom is trying to explain the difference between good and evil to someone who has only known good. You might want to get the book and read that section where he is trying to persuade her not to fall for Satan’s temptation even if you don’t read the whole book.

  2. GreysMop says:

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  3. Leo says:

    Sproul was a great teacher. Thankful for his work in bringing theology from the academy to the pews.

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